Chris Snyder

At age 7, Chris found music in a piano his parents had given him. From a young age he was exposed to a wide variety of music, which shows in his songwriting and choice of covers.


He taught himself piano, guitar, percussion, Native American flute and a little harp. By 18 he was being hired for weddings and fundraisers, and at 20 he toured the world with “Up With People” where he performed for Pope John Paul II at the Vatican.


He has played on the main stage of the esteemed Girdwood Forest Fair and headlined The Fiddlehead Festival in Alaska, and has opened for Bret Michaels, Hobo Jim, Elvis Monroe, Musik Soulchild. He has also performed for the former president of Italy, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro.


He tours internationally and plays 200+ shows a year. An avid producer and sound engineer, Chris formed Third Wheel Project in 2006, now a Global artist collective and "superband" with his musical work across the film, radio and commercial domains.

For booking information, contact:  You Rock Promotions

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