Fatal Kaliber

A Fatal Kaliber show is full of raw energy and a certain amount of unpredictability – just like a rock n’ roll show should be!  Singer Pete Haas leaves it all on stage, consistently delivering powerful in-your-face vocal performances, and his stage presence is undeniable.  Drummer Jason Stevens sets the sonic foundation with his hard-hitting style.  Bassist Andrew Dubman puts forth a mean groove and lays down some killer bass lines as he rumbles away on both four-string and five-string blunt-force weapons.  Rhythm guitarist Duane Plath’s crunchy tones, sinister riffs and big power chords conspire to aid and abet Slinger’s sinewy lead guitar style and sonic texturing.  When Slinger steps on that boost pedal to launch his solos, his amplifier instantly goes from a hissing, snarling bull snake to a fire-breathing dragon in a pepper factory as his fingers slither up and down his guitar’s neck.  When Andrew, Duane and Slinger are in attack mode they’re like a Rottweiler and two Dobermans, and since all their guitars are wireless they patrol the stage unleashed. 


The band usually plays around the Twin Cities at venues such as Pickle Park, Fine Line Music Café, Povlitzki’s, The Amsterdam, Whiskey Junction, and numerous other live music establishments.  They also play festivals, private parties, and are willing to open for national acts touring through the area.  If you’re looking for a genuine hard rock band, Fatal Kaliber is the band for you!


For booking information, contact:  You Rock Promotions

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