Joey Flip

Whether he is performing at popular venues around the mid-west, building vintage oil can guitars, or teaching blues for kids programs, Joey Flip’s dedication to music is without question. When performing, Joe plays a variety of music from classic rock, blues/rock, country, pop, and more. His original album, "Release," has been aired on radio stations around Europe and the USA. His hand-made oil can guitars, "Hayburners," have been sold all over the USA and have been featured on FOX 9 News, CNET, Wineries in Napa Valley, and The Drive Magazine.


Not only content with performing, Joe also serves as a music teacher and promoter of Blues for Kids, a music education program he created at the 501c3 non-profit organization, "Discover Music".  The program is known for organizing workshops at schools and festivals with the mission of teaching children of all ages about the Blues music genre with harmonica and guitar.


“Joe kicked off the set with a version of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Pride and Joy.” Guitar masters like Vaughan have the uncanny ability to play rhythm and lead at the same time. That’s tough enough to do on an electric guitar, but Joe pulled off a more than credible rendition with his acoustic."



"A likeness to Bon Jovi and Stevie Ray Vaughan with a throw of Jazz, beautiful guitar work with impressive vocals." 
     -- Crimson Clear Productions


"Joey played our blues fest and showed his versatility going from playing in an intimate pub setting to blowing us away at the jam session. Joey helped make it a GREAT weekend fest!"
     -- Cherokee Festival

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