Judge Not

Judge Not was founded back in the late 90’s by vocalist and bass player Ron Hansen. God lead him to start a band that would proclaim the saving grace that only comes from Jesus Christ! Although Judge Not started with a few select members at the time, it was not solidified until around 2000-2001 with the addition of Ismael “Izzy” Garcia on lead guitar, Stevie Martinez on drums, and Rob “Rob T” Trevino on keyboards and vocals. Numerous songs that became Judge Not staples were written during this time such as “God So Loved” and “Back to the Cross.”

However, just a few short months later as the momentum started to increase for the band, Izzy became ill and had to undergo surgery for a medical condition. Shockingly, he did not survive the procedure and passed away on March 21, 2002. The remaining members of Judge Not were left with a tough decision on whether or not to continue what the four of them had set out to accomplish. After discussing the uncertain future with one another, these three remaining men of God decided to move forward because they knew this mission was not about any one of them but about God almighty! They also knew that Izzy would not want them to stop.

The hunt for a new guitarist began. There were a couple of candidates that came along and even stuck with the guys for a few months. However, it wasn’t until a chance encounter in New Braunfels, TX where Rob ran into his cousin whom he had not seen in years. The last time Rob had even heard about his cousin Mario Mendoza, he had heard he was in prison. Mario had accepted Christ as his savior and had since been released and was eager to serve God with the talent God had given him. It was a no brainer! Mario Mendoza became the new lead guitarist for Judge Not.

Years of writing and traveling passed for the band and after some time changes began to occur. Rob had left the band in 2007 to pursue other musical interests where he felt God leading him. Shortly after, Mario too left to accomplish the same. The two remaining constants were Ron and faithful Stevie. During this time Judge Not recruited former guitarist from Seraphim Calling, Jose Flores. Jose stayed with the band for a year before having to bow out due to him becoming a father for the first time. Even though he departed, Judge Not had picked up steam and was beginning to see real fruits of their labor. Ron and Stevie did not throw in the towel and continued to move forward and even write a few more songs as a three piece with another guitarist who stood in for some time.

However, tragedy struck the band again in October of 2017. After a few days in Minneapolis of performing and ministering, Judge Not was on cloud nine with opportunities that were laid before them for the New Year. Unfortunately, after a week of being back from Minneapolis. Stevie passed away quietly in his sleep on October 24, 2017.

Ron was at a crossroad. Does he let the vision die or does he continue with what God had called him to do? It was during this difficult period that Judge Not was already scheduled to play an event. This commitment was made before Stevie passed away. At the funeral for Stevie past members of Judge Not convened on the small town of Lockhart, TX. Rob, Mario, and Jose once again stood side by side with Ron as their brother was laid to rest. It was during this time that they all agreed to join together and fulfill the commitment for the event and turn it into a memorial for their fallen brother. However, there would be a slight change. Although Mario and Jose would pick up where they left off with their guitar playing, Rob had to fill in on a different task. Rob, being an accomplished drummer in his own right, took the mantle left behind by Stevie and paid tribute to his brother by taking the sticks and keeping the beat. Also added to the lineup was Rob’s wife, Melissa Trevino, on vocals.

After the success of the event, these five knew that God was leading them to continue on this journey and continue what God had called each of them to do at one time. Judge Not now stands with a new beginning but with familiar faces. Each one has grown and matured in their faith as well as their lives. The best of Judge Not is still yet to come and we cannot wait to see what God does with these five!

Judge Not is:

Ron Hansen/Bass guitar, vocals

Melissa Trevino/ Vocals

Mario Mendoza/Lead and rhythm guitar

Jose Flores/Lead guitar

Rob Trevino/Drums



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