Rockin' DJ's

Rockin' DJ's goal is to make your event spectacular!


This is their story.


It starts with two brothers, Dave and Bruce Doris. While Bruce was working at a roller rink in the 80s, he ended up pestering Dave about starting a DJ business, that led Dave to form The Rockin DJs. They started the business 1983 to earn some extra money while making good memories having some fun. Dave handled the business end of things, and Bruce provided the entertainment.


In 1997 Bruce went into radio but Dave, with his wife Shawn, took it and ran. They kept Rockin, sometimes with Bruce, and gained momentum until Shawn tragically passed away from a car accident in 2001. The business stopped and then Dave passed away in 2006. To honor his brother’s memory and their time spent together, Bruce decided to bring back and keep the business alive.


Nowadays, keeping the good memories and fun spirit alive, Bruce and his son Mark Siedschlag are still rockin' with brand new equipment and a passion to continue making lasting memories for themselves and others as The Rockin' DJs.

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